When you have experience doing things a certain way and your environment changes, your experience becomes your enemy.

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you'll never change what
You tolerate
It seems as though the world has never been filled with more mediocrity than it is today. Many people are seeking to work less and be paid more. The cost of living has grown to unprecedented heights causing many to simply shrug their shoulders and give up any aspirations they may of had to own a home, raise a family and create a wonderful life for their loved ones and themselves.

These types of individuals are the ones who show up to join your team, only to exist. They show up to work late and uninspired. The only traffic they serve is the expensive traffic you drive through the dealerships door and while doing so they carelessly allow your valuable clients to come and go without even capturing remarketing information for future follow up.

These are the entitled and they are many. They are also the types of individuals we have NOTHING to do with.
When starting my career back in 2000, I was beyond motivated and inspired for the same reasons you were!
- This was a career not a job!
- There was NO LIMIT to my income!
- I was developing skill sets that would serve me for the rest of my life!

These just to name a few.

Well, the individuals we provide understand the highly coveted opportunity we afford them. That opportunity, is to receive the ultimate education on how to effectively influence other human beings while being paid to do so.  

By positioning the opportunity the right way, we attract the right people, it's that simple!

My process for doing so is the most unique in the marketplace which is also why it has delivered proven results for well over a decade.

When you and I started in this business we were given an invaluable piece of advice, we were told "you are a business within the business" and I believe truer words have never been spoken.

Our ability to deliver talent with fully functioning social media pages allows us to show these candidates exactly how to create opportunities through their existing networks. This results in them experiencing success at a much quicker rate which lends to incredibly low turnover.

Send me a message today and we can continue to build your winning team together!

-Alan Dickie ♠️
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