Customer expectations of salespeople have NEVER been lower, it's embarrassing. This means there has NEVER been a better opportunity for you to either stand out amongst the competition and capture the business OR become a victim, talking about how business is tough with everybody else.

Think with me for a minute...

nobody will pay you for a first impression,
but you'll never get paid if you don't make one!

Within seconds of engaging your sales team, customers are making statements like these...

  • It's too expensive.
  • ​I'm not buying today.
  • ​I need to talk to my spouse/partner.
  • ​I can get it cheaper somewhere else.
  • ​I just started shopping around.
  • ​I have other vehicles I want to look at first.
  • ​I need to think about it/sleep on it.
  • ​I don't have time today.
  • ​I'm not waiting three months for a vehicle

How is your sales team currently handling these moments and based on that answer, what type of impression do you think is being made with your valuable clients?

Have you ever randomly approached a member of your sales team with one of these statements to experience how they would handle themselves in the moment?

These are precisely the moments where many opportunities are won or lost.

People today are not looking to make a new best friend while also shopping for a new vehicle, those days are long gone.

Today's customer is not looking for a friend, they are looking for a professional who knows what they're doing and is capable of being efficient with their time when purchasing a vehicle. When these approaches are successfully conducted, friends are made, the key here is that part comes last.

Stay with me here...

There are three things that are guaranteed in life, death , taxes and the fact that next month, the same telephone, internet and walk-in customers will arrive at the dealership with the same questions, statements and objections as this month's did.

Therefore, it only makes sense to proactively anticipate this behaviour and train our teams on how to communicate our goals for the customer in a positive, efficient and effective manner.
  • The Meet & Greet
  • Qualify & Investigate
  • Product Selection & Presentation
  • ​Worksheet Presentation 
  • ​Overcoming Objections
  • ​Closing
  • ​Follow Up
All of these specific areas and MORE are addressed in the A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital Program, I refer to this half of our business as the Sales Process.

Yes, that's what I said, that "half" of our business is the Sales Process.
Hard work will always supersede talent
The second and even more important half of our business is what I like to call the Farming Process.

By farming, I'm referring to marketing and yes it has become the more important of the two. 

In years past there was minimal information available for customers to make decisions without visiting the dealership. This caused the infamous era of the "Up Bus" to be born. While that method was sufficient for a number of decades, in today's market, 
if that is your approach, you are a dead man walking.

Today's business is about proactivity!

Proactively garnering the attention of human beings in the marketplace is what will capture the first email, the first call, the first contact period.

Through this specific approach, we teach salespeople how to utilize social media as a prime lead source.  
Utilizing these tools and more, we show salespeople how to create a system that will deliver leads and opportunities by putting the customer first. When this process is followed, the clients that are produced are ones that already have a rapport with your salesperson that was established long before they stepped foot in the dealership.

When was the last time you compared the profit margins between the strangers you drive through the doors by competing to be the cheapest option online, versus, those of your well cared for, repeat and referral clients?

Are you starting to see it?

Let me bring this thing across the finish line!

Managers Maintain Things, 
Leaders Grow Them
Your Sales Team will only be as strong as your leaders and for this reason we have included 
the most comprehensive leadership segment for the overall development of your entire sales team.

What I am talking about is a total of over 250 sales meetings that are available inside of the A.C.E Selling Systems: Road to the Sale Program!

Sales Tips Tactics & Techniques
is a library of 3min to 5min videos that explain a technique and how to utilize it the very same day for results.

 The Six Figure Playbook
is a comprehensive library of principal based teachings on how to effectively serve and influence other human beings while serving the world through your work.

While there are over 100 principles that are covered inside of this epic program that will guarantee success, allow me to leave you with these five:

1. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Proactively anticipating your customers' behaviour will allow you to prepare in a manner that will serve the process and capture the business more effectively.

2. In any relationship, whoever cares less wins.

If your salespeople care more about selling the customer than the customer cares about buying a vehicle, you are in trouble. By establishing effective marketing approaches through social media and video marketing, we will be able to create enough opportunities to afford failure while also connecting to the customer in the marketplace first. 

Additionally we will have pre established rapport with our customers which will shrink the time of our sales process drastically while increasing profit margins.

3. Disciplined Actions Taken On A Consistent Basis, Guarantee Results

Establish expectations, it's that simple!
- A video a day for your salespeople
- A sales meeting a day for the entire team
- Discuss, Role-Play, Repeat

4. Repetition is a Strength Builder

The more you do something the better you will become at it.  
Successful sales teams are not an accident.

5. When human beings are good at something, it's in their nature to perform it often.

-Reveal the content to your team
-Digest and Discuss the contents application to your store
-Discuss, RolePlay, Repeat
-Take of the training wheels, let go of the back seat and let them ride like the wind
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