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Know Your Mentor - Alan Dickie

Alan Dickie is a dynamic speaker, sales trainer, and motivator among the most sought-after sales consultants and coaches in North America. Since beginning his career two decades ago, Alan has been revolutionizing the way teams and individuals alike operate within the automotive industry while constantly striving to achieve excellence with every single person he spends time with. It's a new day in the automotive industry and Alan is helping usher it in!

Having successfully performed at all functions of the business, including Sales Consultant, Business Manager, Sub Prime Business Manager, and Sales Manager, Alan has acquired a wealth of experience that enables him to perform a well-rounded and stunning array of sales techniques and strategies applicable to any opportunity. 

By adopting a non-confrontational, common sense approach to handling all aspects of the sales process and utilizing his abundant charisma and sense of humour, Alan is able to sincerely connect with any audience and over the last several years has created a game-changing product: A.C.E Selling Systems: "Road To The Sale Digital" that brings his twenty years of experience, skill, and success to the fingertips of automotive salespeople across the continent. 

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