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Know Your Mentor - Alan Dickie

I am a dynamic sales professional who has been serving the automotive industry for over 17 years. I started my career as a Sales Consultant in 2000 and began to develop an acute fascination and drive for understanding and dissecting the sales process to achieve success. I continuously adjusted my approach and adapted to the market to guarantee results. During my career, I have successfully performed at all functions of the business, including Sales Consultant, Business Manager,Sub Prime Business Manager, and Sales Manager. My wealth of experience has enabled me to obtain a well-rounded and stunning array of sales techniques and strategies. The automotive industry is constantly changing and I have created the most up-to-date and innovative methods necessary to prosper in today’s market.

I adopt a non-confrontational, common sense approach to handling all facets of the sales process. My natural humor, charisma and logical teachings allow me to connect with any audience. In 2008, I created my seminar “Road To The Sale”,a workshop focused on taking new sales consultants from mediocrity to strong, capable, and prosperous sales professionals. In 2009 I recognized the drastic changes within the automotive industry, and created my powerful seminar Sub Prime Solutions; a workshop catered" specifically to handling the sub prime customer. Most recently in 2017, I updated my "Road To The Sale" seminar and created a game-changing product, my A.C.E Selling Systems: "Road To The Sale Digital". This is an online digital training platform that has been transforming sales people careers all across the continent.

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